Client Feedback

Capt. Dale Nadasen, SAAF

"From successfully completing PPL to applying that very same knowledge to becoming a SAAF pilot, Megan contributed a great deal to making it happen. She is the epitome of commitment to aviation theory and displays zest and diligence when presenting her lectures"

Mr R Theunissen, Rotor Wing CPL

Megan proved to be an invaluable and integral asset in my CPL exams. She has years of experience, having been a pilot herself and gone through the all the motions, she completely understands how to mentor you in achieving your goals. You cannot ask for a better, more qualified and knowledgeable mentor to guide you through the process.

Daniel Gendy, Fixed Wing CPL

"With my experience in both ground school and tutoring environments, Infinite aviation has gone above and beyond the standard to provide an in depth knowledge of all subjects of the CPL syllabus. Meg was able to turn the tedious most mind numbing subjects into topics that are easy to navigate through and soak in, making it very easy to finish all the subjects in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend to anyone completing or looking to start their CPL studies!"